as we all know that to complete a semester we don't need to read all the chapter, since only few chapters are required for a specific semester.So i felt it would be better if we get it in parts 
  basic four parts


each part corresponds to each chapter 

 1.Electric current and ohm's law
 2.DC Network Theorems
 3.Work,Power and Energy
 4. Electrostatics
 5. Capacitance
 6. Magnetism and Electromagnetsm
 7.Electromagnetic Induction
 8. Magnetic Hysteresis
 9. Electrochemical Power Sources
 10. Electrical Instruments and Measurements
 11. A.C. Fundamentals
 12. Complex Numbers
 13. Series A.C. Circuits
 14. Parallel A.C. Circuits
 15. A.C. Network Analysis
 16. A.C. Bridges
 17. A.C. Filter Networks
 18. Circle Diagrams
 19. Polyphase Circuits
 20. Harmonics
 21. Fourier Series
 22. Transients
 23. Symmetrical Components
 24. Introduction to Electrical Energy Generation 
25). Elements of Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion
 26). D.C. generators
 27). Armature Reaction and Commutation
 28). Generator Characteristics
 29). D.C. Motor 
 30). Speed Control of D.C. Motors 
 31). Testing of D.C. Machines 
 32). Transformer 
 33). Transformer: Three Phase
 34). Induction Motor
 35). Computational and Circle diagrams
 36). Single-Phase Motors
 37). Alternators
 38). Synchronous Motor
 39). Special Machines
 40). D.C. Transmission and Distribution
 41). A.C. Transmission and Distribution
 42). Distribution Automation
 43). Electric Traction
 44). Industrial Applications of Electric Motors
 45). Rating and Service Capacity
 46). Electronic Control of AC Motors
 47). Electric Heating
 48). Electric Welding
 49). Illumination
 50). Tarrifs and Economic Consideration
 51). Semiconductor Physics 52). P-N Junction Diode
 53). Optoelectronic Devices
 54). Special Diodes
 55). D.C. Power supplies
 56). Regulated Power Supply
 57). Bipolar Junction Transistor
 58). Load Lines and DC Biased Circuits
 59). Transistor Equivalent Circuit and Models
 60). Single-Stage Transistor Amplifiers
 61). Multistage and Feedback Amplifiers
 62). Feedback Amplifier
 63). Field Effect Transistors
 64). Breakdown Devices
 65). Sinusoidal and Non-Sinusoidal Oscillators
 66). Modulation and Demodulation

 67). Integrated Circuits
 68). OP-AMP and its Applications
 69). Number system and Codes
 70). Logic Gates
 71). Boolean Algebra & Logic Families
 72). Flip-Flops and Related Devices
 73). Electronic Instruments 

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